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    Other Services

    Material Loading

    We do have a loader with a ten foot wide bucket on it. It is designed to load commercial vehicles. We will load customer’s pickups and trailers at the customer’s request. Rock that is dropped over the side of a truck has a tendency to bounce, and can damage paint as well as break windows. If no protection is put over the tailgate, it will also strip the paint off the vehicle. AGAIN, WE WILL LOAD YOUR VEHICLES BUT COCHISE STONE AND IT EMPLOYEES ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES CAUSED. If you are not sure, we recommend that you hand shovel the material in your vehicle to be safe. Cochise Stone does loan shovels at our yard for the customer to load there vehicle.

    It is also important to note, we do not know the max carrying capacity of most vehicles and it is the owner or driver’s responsibility to use prudent judgment when we load, to not overload the vehicle. Cochise Stone and its employees can’t be held responsible for damage from overloading vehicles at customer’s request. It is also a high risk to drive an overloaded vehicle, it may carry the weight, but not be able to stop in normal driving conditions.

    Delivery, and Carrying Capacity Details

    We deliver anywhere in Cochise County, as well as other areas around the state of Arizona. When we deliver materials, it is the customer’s responsibility to make us aware of any conditions that may be present that could cause damage to our equipment, harm our employees or possibly damage homeowner’s property. We can’t be held responsible for unseen circumstances that may arise if we are not warned of these conditions. Covered water boxes, improperly installed water lines, poor compaction or no rebar in driveways. If we place material were customers request and damages are cause from any of these conditions, Cochise Stone and it employees can’t be held responsible. These situations are beyond our control.

    We have large loaders, dump trucks as well as Semi trucks in an out of our yard during the normal business hours. We have a display area outside our office so customers don’t need to walk through the main yard. It can be a dangerous place with equipment running. Cochise Stone requests that you don’t drive or walk through the main yard without permission from the office, so all employees are made aware of your presence. We also ask that you not block the stairs when parking. Please park off to the side so as not to block the drive, inconvenience other customers and or create a traffic congestion problem. Please follow all no parking signs for everyone’s safety as well as being considerate to others.

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